Purple Hydrangeas Linen Woven

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Soft shades of purple and blue hydrangeas on a fine quality white linen woven. Light/mid-weight with a cool dry smooth linen hand, buttery drape and 16½" repeat. A quality linen which will work lined or unlined. Right for a dress, shirt, tunic, light jacket, vest, or soft pant. If you are making an unlined jacket or coat, I recommend lining the sleeves to prevent wrinkling and allow other garments to slip on/off easily. If making structured pants, I'd underline the front to the knee to prevent wrinkling. My favorite lining for linen is a rayon bemberg or rayon blend.

Pre-treat by hand laundering or machine wash gentle and air dry. You can toss linen in the dryer if you want all over wrinkles, but always pre-test a sample, some fabrics respond well, others not so well. Test Test Test. After laundering hand wash or machine launder gentle and air dry. I like to take my linens out of the laundry while still very wet, hang on a hanger and pull and smooth the seams and hems, allowing the weight of the water to do the work, then touch up with an iron or not.

100% linen